Teel Plastics Improves Quality & Efficiency with an IoT Strategy Powered by Kepware

Teel Plastics uses a wide range of hardware, software, and manufacturing equipment to produce their custom plastics. With such varied plant floor components, accessing production data was time-consuming—and the data analysis was often inaccurate, due to latency and data gaps.

With an IoT strategy powered by Kepware, Teel is now able to seamlessly integrate real-time production data, for a closed-loop process that increases product quality and plant floor efficiency.

william harper
almost 3 years agoDecember 7, 2017
Has your company done any work in the printing/packaging markets?
Alex Herbert
almost 3 years agoDecember 19, 2017
Hi William, Kepware has quite a presence in both the packaging and printing market. I would be happy to have a more in depth discussion if you'd like. I am also curious to learn more about your interest.  My contact is below. Please feel free to reach out.

Alex Herbert
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